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Creatine Monohydrate 5 g

Boosts Strength and Power & increases Anabolic Growth factors and Muscle Size*

Beta Alanine 2 g

Counteracts acid build up, giving you the ability to keep your training intensity up for longer periods*

Asian Ginseng Root Extract 1 g

A powerful adaptogen that increases Strength and Stamina and helps the body deal with stress*


Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 300 mg

Increases nitric oxide levels which boosts blood flow to muscles & the brain, increasing focus, concentration & performance*

Guarana Seed Extract 300 mg

Has a slower release rate than pure caffeine providing stimulation & alertness for longer, with No Jitters & No Crash*

Green Tea Leaf Extract 300 mg

A powerful Super Food containing Natural Caffeine & also with thermogenic properties shown to speed up burning of excess body fat*


Sour Cherry Fruit Extract 480 mg

Shown to lessen exercise induced muscle damage inflammation and oxidative stress*

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract 220 mg

A powerful adaptogen that increases exercise performance and boosts mental focus*

Stevia Leaf Extract 210 mg

A natural Zero Calorie sweetener that is 200-350 times sweeter than sugar*




Raspberry Lemonade Flavor - 390 grams (13.8 oz)

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PURE POWER NATURAL PRE WORKOUT - Raspberry Lemonade - 390 grams (13.8 oz)
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PURE POWER NATURAL PRE WORKOUT - Raspberry Lemonade - Bundle of 4
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PURE POWER NATURAL PRE WORKOUT - Raspberry Lemonade - Bundle of 8
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Made in a cGMP Facility

All Natural & Non GMO

Proven Ingredients

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Unflavored version - 315 grams (11.1 oz)

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PURE POWER NATURAL PRE WORKOUT - Unflavored - 315 grams (11.1 oz)
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PURE POWER NATURAL PRE WORKOUT - Unflavored - Bundle of 4
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PURE POWER NATURAL PRE WORKOUT - Unflavored -  Bundle of 8
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No artificial nonsense, just an awesome pump!

New favorite pre workout for my long, heavy lifting days! Laser focused and awesome pump without all the artificial flavors and junk. Adding this to my routine for sure!

Kristen Bonitto

NCs Strongest Woman/ SC Nationals Athlete & Crossfit Competitor


I’ve been looking for a natural preworkout that actually worked and I’m thankful I stumbled upon this company. The preworkout gave me a nice rush of clean energy that lasted my whole workout. Even made a few PRs since taking it 👍 I highly recommend this product!

Hunter Reed

True NATURAL Pure Power!
Being an athlete that trains hard, it's a requirement that I have a pre workout that's strong enough to blast me through my body annihilating workouts.

Also, being vegan it's hard to find a truly natural pre workout especially without sucralose, red# 40 and other unnecessary additives.

I've tried countless products from other brands and found myself disappointed time and time again. Jitters, nausea, no effect, harsh crashes, etc.

After diligent researching I came across Pure Power, the ingredients list checked out so I thought why not give it a shot. At an awesomely competitive price, all natural ingredients and backed by Australia's strongest man I had to give it a fair trial.

After my first time mixing it up in my promixx and drinking it, I wasn't yet convinced... but about 20min later when I arrived at the gym I felt the kick. Like a sudden clarity and boost in energy, also to my surprise it was a lasting energy and I even hit a new pr on my squat that day.

Since then I've been hooked, I even use it as a everyday energy supplement to get my day going strong. Never any crash and lasting energy for hours.

I'm proud to say my gf is also using it with me for all her lifting days.

A tremendously amazing product, highly recommend especially for all my plant based vegans out there.

Amir Woodward