About Us

Smart Strength was founded in 2017 by National Record breaking Champion Powerlifter and pound for pound Australia's Strongest Man, Dr Ray Hope. Ray founded Smart Strength to help strength athletes unleash their inner champion and reach their greatest potential.

We believe in keeping things simple, being as natural as possible and going back to tried and tested basics. There are too many big companies who don’t care about you, don’t care about the effect of their products on your health, don’t care if their products actually help you, and don’t care about the consequences of their actions on the environment and the planet.

Smart Strength developed the all Natural and 100% KICKASS Pre Workout supplement Pure Power. Pure Power was developed because we couldn't find a Natural Pre-Workout that actually worked well and was designed for the specific needs of strength and power athletes. 

Smart Strength has also developed Smart Shin Shields. The ultimate shin guards for deadlifts and box jumps. Nothing on the market even comes close to them in terms of protecting your shins and assisting, rather then detracting from, performance.

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National Champion Powerlifter and pound for pound Australia's Strongest Man, Dr Ray Hope. 

Ray started Powerlifting while studying at University. He become the best junior lifter over all weight divisions in Australia, and broke three different Australian junior records multiple times. Ray competed in two World Junior Championships while completing his PhD in Engineering, then retired from lifting to focus on his new Engineering career.

After nine years in retirement from Powerlifting, Ray was seeking to challenge himself again, and made a comeback to win the Australian Open Championship in 2009 and 2010, breaking the Australian total record by 2.5 kg, 5.5 lbs, in 2009 and breaking his own record by a massive 20 kg, 44 lbs, in 2010. His performance at the 2010 Australian Powerlifting Championships made him, pound for pound, Australia’s Strongest man.

Learn more about Ray at his website https://www.rayhope.com.au/