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You train hard to be your best, but if you suffer from bruised or bleeding shins when you Deadlift or you damage your shins doing box jumps, it can seriously impair your performance and disrupt your training.

Have you tried other shin guards but found they are either too thick and don’t let you keep the bar close to your shin, have fabric covers that get caught on the bar, or are just neoprene and they don’t cut it for serious deadlifts. 

You deserve the ultimate shin guards specifically designed for top performing athletes.

With the help of National Record breaking Deadlift Champion and Award winning product development Engineer, Dr Ray Hope, Smart Strength has developed the ultimate shin guard specifically for Deadlifts and Box jumps. 


The shin guards are light and thin, so you can keep the bar close for best performance, but made with a hard bearing grade plastic so the bar will slide quickly up your shins while providing protection from bruising or gouging and box jump impacts. 

The unique and specially designed shape of the shin guards provides flexibility in one direction to wrap around your shin, while providing high stiffness along your shin to give maximum protection from scrapes and impacts.

They are quick and easy to put on and take off, without needing to remove your shoes, and have removable velcro straps for easy washing and cleaning.

Tested for both conventional & sumo deadlifts and box jump impacts onto concrete boxes by Ray Hope himself. These shin guards are just what every top performing athlete needs to protect their shins.

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